Andrew Bayer unveils gargantuan club mix of LP standout, ‘Open End Resource’Andrew Bayer Open End Resource Club Mi

Andrew Bayer unveils gargantuan club mix of LP standout, ‘Open End Resource’

Andrew Bayer‘s sound is not only tailor made to his home label Anjunabeats, but it defines it. His recent¬†In My Last Life¬†album checked most of the usual boxes: Evocative vocals from album collaborator Alison May, soaring and stadium filling pads and textures, and powerful chord progressions. But the album forwent the pounding, festival-ready trance percussion of the artist’s earlier offerings for downtempo, stuttering breakbeat rhythms. Now, Bayer has reimagined Above & Beyond favorite “Open End Resource” as a full-fledged arena smasher, aptly titled the “In My Next Life Mix.”

Refreshingly, the new arrangement still boasts some of the juiciest melodic elements of the original, including those buttery electric guitar strums and angelic atmospheres. Added to the mix are buzzing drops that sound instantly worthy of Bayer’s gorgeous buildups. An extra special touch not found in the original is an added breakdown featuring truly cavernous synth stabs, leading into a steady build that’s sure to be a certified moment on any dance floor.

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