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Dexter’s Beat Laboratory Vol. 63

Dexter’s Beat Laboratory is a weekly collection of songs from DA managing editor Robyn Dexter. With a taste that can only be described as eclectic — to say nothing of a name that lends itself to punnery — DA is happy to present a selection of tracks personally curated by Dexter for your listening pleasure.

Listen in playlist format here.

In celebration of Wednesday’s holiday, Foxhunt unleashed a powerful seven-minute mashup of two of his songs: “Imperator 1.5” and “Graveyard Shift.” Titled “Dead End,” the producer combined the already-hefty tunes into a massive electro house heater. Catchy synth melodies dance intermittently through a churning house beat, keeping the track rocking at 128 BPM. The mashup marks the last release before the producer goes on an “extended hiatus” — and it’s a strong note to go out on.

Silk Music stalwart Vintage & Morelli has returned to the label for a scintillating original, “Come Home.” The emotive progressive house tune ebbs and flows between dancefloor-ready characteristics and a more subdued aura. A mid-song interlude ushers in a soft piano melody, accompanied by a flute, to carry the listener into a heavenly, vocal-filled bridge. Vintage & Morelli slows reintroduces the house beat, building “Come Home” back up to its original momentum. It’s a beautifully constructed piece of work, holding the listener’s attention keenly throughout its seven-minute entirety.

Since its introduction in August, Go Freek‘s “Love Is The Weapon” has popped up across the globe, from Australia to the United States. The proof of this lies in Aylen‘s latest piece of work, in which he’s taken on remixing the Sydney artists’ track. He’s given the track a fresh, even groovier vibe, layering in a subtle bassline and jungle-inspired percussion elements. These components complement the track’s vocals well, leaving listeners with an entirely new perspective on the song.

London duo Artificial Intelligence have been tearing up the drum & bass scene since 2003, consistently popping up on UKF with hot new tunes in the liquid funk sub-genre of drum & bass. Their latest, too, is a UKF release and is part of their upcoming installation of The Series, which is out November 2 via Integral Records. “B.A.D.A.” is the first in this new set of tunes and features a silky-smooth ambiance that serves as a perfect introduction to the collection. The dnb beat glides effortlessly, allowing snippets of vocals to peak through and add extra zest to the song.

Trivecta has been composing beautiful, atmospheric tunes for years, no matter the genre. Whether it’s dubstep or trance, the Tampa-based producer has a unique ability to transport his listeners to the exact world he’s created — and it’s a beautiful thing. His latest, “Ghost Of A Friend,” is equally captivating and alluring. “This is a super chill track that I’ve actually been sitting on for a few years now,” he says of the song. “I’m a big fan of music that’s super nostalgic and based around a slow-burning journey. That’s what this tune is all about.”

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