Gareth Emery introduces new OpenxClose seriesGareth Emery Credit Rocco Ceselin

Gareth Emery introduces new OpenxClose series

The latest to dip their feet back into the world of open-to-close sets is Gareth Emery. Having been expressing his disdain for shorter, festival-type sets for quite some time, his desire to revive his days of hyper-extended sets felt like an easily foreseeable next step. He’ll now be reviving his ‘OpenxClose’ concept after a three year hiatus, playing a seven-hour New Year’s Eve set at the Brooklyn Hangar. Ashley Wallbridge, Jonathan Mendelsohn, and Emma Hewitt will also be joining in on the festivities, in a to-be-specified manner.

His New Year’s show will kick off an entire tour much like his last extended set adventures in 2015, where Emery will be hitting multiple cities across the globe and “playing as long as he can.” The trance producer noted that he’d missed being able to show his breath as a DJ following a run of his Laserface shows, which are designed to focus more on the visual component that accompanies his music and are difficult to stretch out due to tedious programming.




Photo credit: Rocco Ceselin

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