Infected Mushroom and Bliss make psychedelic fireworks on new single, ‘Bliss on Mushrooms’Infected Mushrooms Bliss On Mushrooms

Infected Mushroom and Bliss make psychedelic fireworks on new single, ‘Bliss on Mushrooms’

Infected Mushroom and Bliss collaborating on a track titled “Bliss on Mushrooms” feels like it was destined to happen – but the tough part was always going to be creating something worthy of the song’s name. The two artists absolutely own the challenge with a nine-and-a-half minute epic arriving via Monstercat.

Infected Mushroom is a duo that shreds the expected at every turn, and across multiple movements the LA-based duo does just that. The first two minutes are a trip all on their own, treating listeners to a shuffling and jazzy drum beat, a trumpet solo, and Queen-style vocal adlibs all before its first drop. Head-nodding is practically required as a wild new off-kilter section approaches where the artists toss everything from rock guitar riffs to sliding glitch samples in the mix as the experiment morphs. Multiple breakdowns take the shape of brain-bending tempo changes, blast beat builds, while the drops frame the psychedelic cacophony in driving drums. Infected Mushroom tells Dancing Astronaut about the track’s significance, and its role on the duo’s upcoming EP:

“‘Bliss on Mushrooms’ is a massive psy-trance dance floor track from the album Head of NASA with one of our favorite trance producer Bliss, and some killer guitar riffs from Japanese super star MIYAVI. It takes you on a very psychedelic journey into what Bliss and ourselves call a “dance floor killer.” This track opens the album and sets the tone of the whole EP.”

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