London gets new venue, Magazine, from group behind PrintworksMagazine London

London gets new venue, Magazine, from group behind Printworks

In a city where the relationship between venue owners and local authorities becomes more tense every day, a new venue space for the underground is always big news. Coming next year from the Vibration Group (the same team behind Printworks), the British capitol will be home to a new club called Magazine London.

Located off the beaten path in London’s Greenwich neighborhood, the 3,000-capacity space is part of a larger movement by investment company Knight Dragon to make the neighborhood a hub for creativity. Looking to create “a community with culture and entertainment at its heart,” the multi-million-pound project will begin construction by the end of 2018. Magazine is set to open in the summer of 2019, around the same time the Vibration Group will be launching a 7,000-person outdoor festival space in the area. While local clubs are still struggling to attain all night licenses and pay their ever-rising rents, London is working to stay a music powerhouse with the addition of these new event spaces.

H/T: Resident Advisor

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