Steve Aoki unveils foolproof crossover blueprints on ‘Neon Future III’ [Stream]Steve Aoki Neon Future III

Steve Aoki unveils foolproof crossover blueprints on ‘Neon Future III’ [Stream]

Steve Aoki‘s Neon Future LP installments have always felt like full-blown events, and the main event of the cake-tossing EDM icon’s year has finally arrived: Neon Future III. 

Aoki’s ubiquitous productions are never off the airwaves long. In between his well-endowed festival/touring schedule, the globetrotter found time to pepper 2018 with releases. Despite the consistent output, Neon Futures III easily stands out from the rest of Aoki’s output with an feature-stuffed track list that’s poised for some serious chart damage.

“Neon Future III (Intro)” starts off the LP with a no-vocals-necessary stadium electro scorcher–but the opening volley quickly gives way to an categorically stacked slate of feature-heavy pop-leaning productions. Former One Direction-er, Louis Tomlinson is on-board for radio-ready house on “Just Hold On,” and K-pop sensations BTS are right behind with “Waste It On Me.” Aoki has a potential crossover smash for every genre in the chamber, with everyone from blink-182 to social media queen Bella Thorne in line to lend their talents. For fans of his full-throttle instrumental offerings, the tone struck by the intro track resurfaces at the LP’s close, with none other than Bill Nye lending heavyweight sample clout to album close: “Noble Gas.”

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