Sunday Morning Medicine, Vol. 152: featuring ATTLAS, Icarus, Khåen, + moreSMM 2400

Sunday Morning Medicine, Vol. 152: featuring ATTLAS, Icarus, Khåen, + more

Sunday Morning Medicine is a feature from Dancing Astronaut dedicated to the mellower side of electronic music. We bring you our favorite therapeutic selections—old and new—in attempts to alleviate the agonizing effects of a long weekend of partying.

Bristol’s Icarus brethren avoid flying too close to the sun, with this ambient house offering, “October.” Instead, like a warm summer’s rain, they’re here to absolve you of weekend transgressions with skittering, precipitous percussion and revelatory vocal incantations.

Listeners of intention may recognize “Third Evangelist,” as well as most of Khåen’s new Solace In The Night album, from Lane 8‘s adorned seasonal mixes and live sets, as well as featured on the latter’s recently incepted This Never Happened label housing. With minimal production froth, “Third Evangelist” glows with a transcendental twinkle, intended to rescue listener’s from the icy precipice of a Sunday afternoon.

ODESZA addicts will revel inside the redemptive reverb of Satin Jackets’s “So I Heard.” The sultry track’s languorous strings and otherworldly vocal harmonies are likely to incite wakeful dreams through lustrous beaches eons from the throes of office monotony.

Sexy doesn’t even begin to chronicle the audible encounter that is mossy.’s reworking of Lido‘s “Dye.” The track experiments, unfettered, with beat-deliberate downtempo mechanisms, most notably its lush and languid harp plucks.

ATTLASmau5trap endeavor from earlier this year, “Concussion,” is an equal parts blissful and torrential odyssey that eventually lands listeners back on their feet—once its effects have abated—much like a night of heavy drinking. Its rattling percussion and stormy synth blasts are mediated by a tender, steadying melody that reminds the listener of lighter arenas, like a ghost of dance floors past.

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