Sunday Morning Medicine Vol 153 with Medasin, Ryan Hemsworth, Thriftworks, + moreSMM 2400

Sunday Morning Medicine Vol 153 with Medasin, Ryan Hemsworth, Thriftworks, + more

Delectable, delicate, a total eclipse of our charts, Medasin‘s “Feel It Still” remix embodies Sunday Morning Medicine serenity. Medasin’s take of a Portugal. The Man classic is smooth and languid, manipulating the chord progressions to sound as if a the listener is surrounded by a sea of translucent bubbles, floating, oscillating—every so often, with an occasional pop, for good measure.

Snagged from his recent studio album, Elsewhere, for our sensuous listening pleasure, Ryan Hemsworth‘s “Lagoons” is the sonic embodiment of Sunday melancholy. Poignant arpeggios accompanied by Daniela Andrade’s effortlessly erotic vocals complete the richly textured surrealist mist encircling the tune.

In pristine Thriftworks appeal, this lush, ambient offering is ready to reconcile any pesky existential dread trying to bleed its way into your week. This heady lullaby is the ideal soundtrack for some Sunday morning astral projection, or a simple snuggle.

Hoodboi tapped Australian hip-hop MC, Tkay Maidza, earlier this year for this slippery poolside groove, appropriately titled, “Glide.” Dreamy reverb and ricocheting bass offer Maidza’s outpour of mellifluous rhymes a glimpse of the halcyon days ahead.

We could all use a little illusory house to put our weekend to bed. Blasko fashions “Japanese Hotel,” released earlier this week on Majestic Casual, from an actual dream of his—offering it a bumping house beat and some phantasmic plucks for ample intrigue.

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