josh pan fashions brand new, ‘the world within’ EPJosh Pan The World Within Art

josh pan fashions brand new, ‘the world within’ EP

OWSLA knows how to pick outside-the-box artists. Their regular signee, josh pan, is an embodiment of this curatorial edge. He’s most known for his bassier, high-octane productions, but has proven himself equally effective in other realms, like hip-hop, deep house, and more. Now, he caps off the year with even more broken ground, exploring an even more stripped-down, chilled aesthetic in a four-piece EP titled the world within.

Pan opens the project with a breezy, indie-esque number with buttery falsetto and lo-fi sound design. These themes carry over into the other tracks of the EP; ultimately, however, each track stands completely on its own outside this bond. “take your time,” for example, is a smoother number that errs more on the contemporary R&B side, while “overdue’s” cinematic elements make it feel like it came out of a film soundtrack. Once again, the low-end star proves he knows how to evolve as an artist and remain on the cutting edge.



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