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Ookay releases gargantuan bass EP, ‘NICE!,’ that is anything but just okay

Ookay is quite the versatile producer, from his shocking heavy bass headings at the raucous Lost Lands festival to his  caressing melodies on the Billboard charts. The Marshmello collaborator, real name, Abe’ Laguna, just released his NICE! EP, the heavy-handed offspring of the producer’s darker side.

“Can You Hear Me” offers a cinematic entrance into bright lights and nervous temptations. Eerie synths drive the energy upwards into stark contrast of high and low-end frequencies. Call the party police on this one, because it’s primed to incite an urge to break stuff.

“IDGAF” gives life to Ookay’s effervescent party nature, presenting illusions of structure alongside absurd mayhem in a single keystroke. In quite a similar vein, “Pick It Up” is fun and jovial, showcasing the producers dancehall skills. “Revolution” revs its engine, running with a rock-styled center, placing the guitar front and center with anthem vocals and an electro-house drop that certainly wasn’t concocted in your grandma’s kitchen.

“STRUT” hails a finale intro and final walk-and-bow to the artistic energy unflinchingly exuded from Ookay. The exclamatory work, on the whole, is likely to warrant volatile dance moves from all ends, while demonstrating Ookay’s continued dedication to building his live performance, playing out his stage fantasy, and entertaining on a worldwide stage.

Photo Credit: Da Black Swan

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