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Prince Fox shoots for a sonic win on new single, ‘Rock Paper Scissors’

It’s “Rock Paper Scissors” and shoot for Prince Fox, whose latest musical effort cinches a win of sonic sorts, no matter the choice of rock, paper, or scissors. “Rock Paper Scissors” exemplifies the confident electronic energy of a Prince Fox production, which figures most visibly in the earnest flippancy of the song’s lyrics. The lyrics of “Rock Paper Scissors,” however, are not the sole locus of Prince Fox’s creativity in the single.

The track flaunts Prince Fox’s characteristic deftness when it comes to re-envisioning dance-pop sound, and “Rock Paper Scissors” accordingly dresses basic electronic elements like a mid tempo beat arrangement in the garb of the audibly innovative. The lyrically informative number catches and holds the attentions of listeners in its use of subtle but enticing rhythmic elements and vocals that express the tune’s lyrical sentiments with a catchy, cloud like softness.

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