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Sevenn bridge bass and tech house in new single, ‘Lollipop’

Sevenn continue to define their sound, and simultaneously push the modern electronic envelope in “Lollipop.”

A club-ready bass jaunt sure to bang on any half-decent set of speakers, the latest single to bear the Sevenn-stamp entices listeners with its tech-house-leaning rhythmic construction in the song’s opening seconds. Dark, low-pitched bass tones prove to be a characteristic of Sevenn’s continually expanding catalog, as further seen through the “Lollipop” lens. Sevenn lay down a similarly deep bass line on prior smash collaboration with Tiësto and Gucci Mane, “BOOM.” Now, the dance duo ground “Lollipop” much in the same vigorous vein.

Sevenn position a galvanizing vocal loop of the tune’s title, “Lollipop.” Just before the track builds, the production’s tech house influence is most audible, with clattering percussion and complex rhythmic arrangement. “Lollipop’s” moments of ascent eventually give way to potent pops of bass, which comprise the single’s drops, while adding a party-geared personality to the song. “Lollipop” is out now on Armada Music.

Photo Credit: Jean Flanders

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