Netsky enlists Bazzi and Lil Wayne for newest release, ‘I Don’t Even Know You Anymore’NETSKY I DONT EVEN KNOW YOU ANYMORE

Netsky enlists Bazzi and Lil Wayne for newest release, ‘I Don’t Even Know You Anymore’

Netsky continues to broaden his range with his newest effort,”I Don’t Even Know You Anymore,” featuring Bazzi and Lil Wayne. The track infuses a humming bassline that dances around Bazzi’s vocals, creating a radio-friendly hip-hop tracks that merges an electronic backdrop with vocals done by the two heavy-hitters.

The track was featured on Zane Lowe’s World Record on Beats 1 on Apple Music, and Netsky discussed both the track itself and the larger project the release is a part of, titled Palmtrees & Powerlines.

“Man, I’m excited to have this record out,” Netsky told listeners on the show. “I’ve been working on it for a while. Me and Bazzi didn’t get the time to get in the studio for this record, but I got sent the song … because we were both touring … I got sent this song and I loved it from the second I heard it.” He continues, “So we worked on lots of different productions. We ended up with a version that we both really loved. It turned out, it was a childhood dream for both of us to work with Lil Wayne, who is obviously an icon and a legend to both of us. So it’s amazing to have him finish this record. I think it’s an incredible addition to it. I’m excited.”

The release is the third installment from forthcoming Palmtrees & Powerlines, a two-part project that explores both Netsky’s magnetic brand of pop music (on Palmtrees) and his genre-bending innovation as a creator of club tracks (on Powerlines). Each song from Palmtrees & Powerlines will find a place within one of these two worlds.

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