Shlohmo’s long-awaited ‘The End’ gets its release [STREAM]Shlohmo Header

Shlohmo’s long-awaited ‘The End’ gets its release [STREAM]

The End closes a four year gap in Shlohmo‘s discography. Written with the apocalypse in mind from the perspective of one who is “smoking on the couch during the extinction event” and “reading a book,” the jazzy, lo-fi bass album tells the poignantly calming tale across 13 tracks. The LP is unmistakably Shlohmo in its aesthetic; each piece is emotive, free-flowing, and twisted. However, unlike its predecessor Dark Red, The End leaves listeners with a hopeful, optimistic glow by the time it wraps up. “Still Life,” for example, closes things out on a blissful ambient note, while “Watching A Video” plays with nostalgic sound effects and warm synthesis to make one recall simpler times in life. The End ultimately succeeds in conveying the sense of acceptance one might feel in an assured doomsday event.


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