Stream Gesaffelstein and Pharrell’s effervescent ‘Blast Off’Gesaffelstein In Color

Stream Gesaffelstein and Pharrell’s effervescent ‘Blast Off’

With only a week remaining until the release of his duly anticipated Hyperion LP, Gesaffelstein has released its third single. Presumably the final song to be released before the full record is available, “Blast Off” is also its highest profile one. Featuring retro-inspired synthesis and the vocalizations of Pharrell Williams, the collaboration continues the French producer’s recent pop-leaning trend seen in “Lost in Fire.”

Though the track is more melodic and mainstream-appealing than Michel Lévy’s standard fare, it also retains more common ground with his signature industrial style than his collaboration with The Weeknd. Indeed, even his darker, broken-beat instrumental, “Reset” veers further away from the Gesaffelstein of yore.

Beneath Williams’ suave vocals, Lévy lays a framework of slick, mid-tempo bass that echoes the skeletons of his best work. And, at a time when it seems that dance music’s darkest artist may be heading toward the light, reminders of this nature serve to provide hope for his longtime fans that such is not the case.

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