Gesaffelstein releases debut single from forthcoming ‘Hyperion’ album, The Weeknd-assisted ‘Lost In The Fire’

Gesaffelstein and The Weeknd are back and goin’ bad on listeners again via “Lost In The Fire.” Gesaffelstein originally released a brief preview of “Lost In The Fire” on January 7, but now follows the teaser clip with a full-length version of the single. The collaboration functions as an exclusive first taste of the sound that remains yet to come in expanded form on Hyperion, Gesaffelstein’s debut offering on Columbia Records. In an extension of his elusive approach to musical releases, the French producer has yet to declare a formal drop date for Hyperion, but the album is nevertheless expected to arrive later this year.

A reprisal of their co-imaginative work on two cuts off The Weeknd’s first EP, My Dear Melancholy, “I Was Never There” and “Hurt You,” “Lost In The Fire” is a sensual number with a deep velvet tone. The silk of The Weeknd’s inimitable vocal glides atop the dark, grounded percussion that steadies “Lost In The Fire,” to situate the track in the shadowy depths of sound familiar to Gesaffelstein, whose catalog spans the full crepuscular continuum of tenebrous techno stylings. Tastefully tight lipped about Hyperion specifics, Gesaffelstein remains in the developmental stages of his first Columbia Records production, and given The Weeknd’s prior announcement that he too was at work on a new album, more Gesaffelstein and The Weeknd fun might well ensue.

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