Ronald McDonald and Hamburglar to play extended B2B at EDC’s Neon GardenHamburgar Ronald Mcdonald

Ronald McDonald and Hamburglar to play extended B2B at EDC’s Neon Garden

House & techno fans are about to witness a groundbreaking new debut at EDC‘s Neon Garden this May. Closing out the underground-leaning stage for three hours on Sunday morning, Ronald McDonald and Hamburglar will be taking the decks for a full-on B2B performance where they’ll be digging the deepest, juiciest cuts out of their crates. Some might even call it the ‘Big Mac’ of DJ sets.

“We can’t wait to show the EDC crowd the tunes we’ve been stocking up for our big debut,” Ronald McDonald excitedly stated. “There will be no clowning around for this gig,” he continued.

Hamburglar added on, “I’ve found some serious heads-down techno groovers for the show; get ready for darkness.”

Some concerns are afoot following the negative reactions toward Colonel Sanders‘ headlining slot at Ultra’s main stage. Fans and DJs alike expressed their disgust at the seeming disrespect toward modern EDM culture, and concern that corporations were ingraining themselves too deep into dance music.

“Our set will be far different,” asserted McDonald. “We’ve loved and respected this culture for many years now and are excited to show off the skills we’ve built over the years.”

He continued, “McDonald’s is the top burger chain anyhow. We don’t even need to advertise; Pasquale Rotella actually approached us directly.”


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