Spirix cuts Flume’s ‘Dreamtime’ an indie-electronic edge in new remixFlume – Dreamtime Spiri Remi COVER E1554991110740

Spirix cuts Flume’s ‘Dreamtime’ an indie-electronic edge in new remix

The idiosyncratic sound constructions that distinguish Flume‘s style flourish on “Dreamtime,” one of the many sonic gems that glisten with audible brilliance on Flume’s recently released mixtape, Hi, This Is Flume. A cacophony of glitchy electronic elements on loop, rhythmic tapping, and a tunnel of white noise that is both airy and eerie comprise the components that construct an opening that leaves a resounding impression on Flume’s listeners.

So, too, does Spirix’s. The California-based electronic entity tackles Flume’s “Dreamtime” in a new remix. Spirix’s flip of the Hi, This Is Flume favorite surfaces as Spirix’s first showing after a four-month hiatus. As Spirix’s re-imaginative effort demonstrates, the brief reprieve from the production circle served as an effective incubation period for Spirix’s sonic edge, which is perceptibly sharper in this latest undertaking.

Spirix cuts the wispy, dreamlike vocal of Flume’s original, to foreground his electronic trajectory of revision. From an atmospheric ascent with synth work of an indie-cinematic strength to back the track’s climb, to a layered descent delightfully upbeat in nature, Spirix’s version of “Dreamtime” is reflective of his own unique musical vision. Spirix’s remix is versatile; the revamp is an undeniable playlist stunner, and simultaneously well-suited for potent club play.

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