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ARTY talks through his creative process creating new genre-blurring ‘Sunshine’

Earlier this year, dance veteran ARTY spoke with Dancing Astronaut and conceded that he has “so much new music that 2019 won’t be long enough to release it all.” Since then, he’s kept true to his word, and now he’s back with his newest release, titled “Sunshine,” out now on Armada Music.

The vocals on “Sunshine” steal the show, extending ARTY’s track record preference for strong, captivating vocals that serve to compliment his kicking progressive backdrops. The producer’s most recent release, “Save Me Tonight,” followed a similar format, and could go on to be one of his most notable hits to date. DA linked up with ARTY again ahead of “Sunshine,” to dive into the record’s complexion.

“I think this is one of few times when I tried to combine so many genres in one song. And not just for the sake of doing it, but to tell the story properly, with the right sounds, and constant changing of flow throughout entire track,” says ARTY.

He manages to infuse a variety of electronic music genres into one single cut, ultimately keeping the listener guessing the entire time. ARTY has perfected a method for crafting feel-good electronic products and “Sunshine” is certainly no exception.

Photo credit: Easton Schirra

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