Exclusive: Au5 previews forthcoming LP with ‘Dragonfly’Au5 Press Photo E1558459181473

Exclusive: Au5 previews forthcoming LP with ‘Dragonfly’

In the days leading up to his Divinorum LP release, Colorado producer Au5 has been slowly unveiling singles from the compilation, showcasing his meticulous dubstep style in its finest form.

He follows up the releases of “Stargate,” “Divinorum,” and “Mesmerize” with the latest: “Dragonfly” with Evoke. The album’s fourth track leads in with a slow build and drifting vocals. Evoke asserts himself from the get-go, demonstrating the sheer power that’s to come from the remainder of the song. The bridge gives a false sense of calm before casting the listener into a deep sea of shimmering synths and bass at the drop. Over the course of the song’s seven minutes, Au5 takes his listeners on a tumultuous sonic roller coaster, soaring above the clouds and diving deep under the earth.

From the looks of “Dragonfly” and its predecessors, Divinorum will see Au5 illustrate his most detailed and intricate work yet, spanning 10 songs that’ve been three years in the making.

Divinorum in this context translates to ‘[things] of the divine.’ The album is about a journey traversing through a series of different realms beyond reality,” the producer says of the compilation.

Divinorum will be the producer’s first solo LP since 2011’s Anchus Definy. Like Anchus Definy, Divinorum will be self-released and is out May 24.

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