Exclusive: WE ARE FURY release celestial, hard-hitting ‘Memories’ featuring RUNNCred Curtis Huisman Min

Exclusive: WE ARE FURY release celestial, hard-hitting ‘Memories’ featuring RUNN

Canadian duo WE ARE FURY have released a melodic dubstep anthem, “Memories,” featuring RUNN, whose previous features include Illenium, Seven Lions, Dabin, Hotel Garuda, Bear Grillz, William Black, and more. WE ARE FURY are a go-to of Illenium’s for official remixes after reworking “I’ll Be Your Reason” and “Lost” on the future bass guru’s previous two albums.

“Memories” starts with lush synths, with dainty plucks introducing RUNN’s sultry vocals. A running synth builds the anticipation while percussion elements slowly enter. Synths continue to build the anticipation which drops into a hard-hitting hybrid of in-your-face future bass and dubstep rhythm. Hold on for the second drop, which throws the duo’s signature dark sounds and industrial glitchy fills among quite the energetic environment.

“Memories is a song about loss. RUNN created this world around the character by using very real human experiences and imagery,” the duo said of the release. “There are a couple lines in the song where she says all the character had left was ‘this old house’ and ‘the photographs of our better years.’ That really resonated with us and we built the whole message & concept of the song around that. The art is way more intimate than our usual stuff and we portrayed the character, symbolizing RUNN, sitting in said empty home looking at the Polaroids of the memories.

The message we want to pass along is we all go through loss, in many forms. Whatever it is you are going through you are allowed to mourn and experience it fully. However you have to keep going and eventually you will see why you had to go through those experiences in order to become the person you are now.”

Photo credit: Curtis Huisman

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