Louis the Child step up to remix Death Cab for Cutie’s ‘I Dreamt We Spoke Again’ [Stream]Games 4 Galen Oakes

Louis the Child step up to remix Death Cab for Cutie’s ‘I Dreamt We Spoke Again’ [Stream]

Eight-time Grammy Award-nominated band Death Cab for Cutie have been releasing alternative hits for over fifteen years, and their longevity is a continued testament to the quality of their music in an over-saturated music marketplace. Now, electronic duo Louis the Child has teamed up with the band to remix “I Dreamt We Spoke Again,” and the pair continue to prove their adaptability as they branch out to a new genre and find a way to make it their own in the remix.

Chilling future bass layers intertwine with the original’s crisp vocals and instrumentals, making Louis the Child’s rendition a perfect select for repeated listening this summer. The duo cuts up the beat to add versatile sonic fillers, adding a new dynamic to the track without totally altering the soul of the original release.

Death Cab for Cutie commented on Louis The Child’s rework in an official release, explaining,

“‘I Dreamt We Spoke Again’ began as a very muted, low-key ghost of a song, but ended up being one of the more dance-oriented tracks that this band has attempted – though in a very throwback, nostalgic sense. So, it was a treat to turn it over to Louis the Child and have them apply all of the bells and whistles of 2019 dance music production to it.”

Louis the Child’s remix of “I Dreamt We Spoke Again” is out now via Atlantic Records.

(Photo by Galen Oakes / ESPN Images)

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