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Luxuriate in Medasin’s latest downtempo dreamscape, ‘Always Afternoon’

Medasin‘s new single is a gossamer little number that takes a hint from its very own title when it comes to arrangement. Entitled “Always Afternoon,” the lulling tune embodies the lazy, lethargic crawl of an afternoon that stretches on at an unhurried pace. “Always Afternoon” unfurls with a dreamy euphoria that Medasin sets into motion at the song’s beginning, where soft chords coalesce as the vocals of featured artist, Kathleen, gently filter in.

Tonally, there’s a temperate buoyancy to the track that Kathleen’s vocal contribution mimics, as her vocals effortlessly glide atop the single’s electronic foundation. It’s easy to think of “Always Afternoon” as the sister single to Medasin’s preceding release, “At Fault.” Distinguishable for its hip-hop leanings, “At Fault” strikes a similarity to “Always Afternoon” in its use of a laid back, downtempo arrangement, and comparably soothing chords.

Photo credit: Medasin/Facebook

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