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Autograf deliver first EP in three years, ‘Love & Retrograde’

In March, Autograf announced that they would end their hiatus from EP production with the forthcoming release of their first EP since 2016’s Future Soup, Love & Retrograde.

“We know we’ve been quiet lately, but it’s almost time to drop out first EP in 3 years,” Autograf then wrote in an Instagram post that explained the effort’s conceptual basis. “We’ve faced personal hardships since our Future Soul EP was released…These misfortunes helped us grow as a group and reignited our love and passion for music. The songs we created in this dusk have brought so much joy and love into our lives. This creative catalyst has propelled us to construct our Love & Retrograde EP.”

Autograf offered listeners a glimpse of the sound that would follow in full on Love & Retrograde via the project’s debut single, the irrefutably groovy John Splithoff-assisted “Hold Me Back.” Autograf followed “Hold Me Back” with “Casual Love,” a collaboration with The Griswolds. Now, listeners can experience Love & Retrograde in its entirety. The six-cut EP opens with “Test the Waters,” produced alongside WYNNE. Two additional previously unreleased tracks—the namesake “Retrograde”and “Night Drive”—round out Love & Retrograde. Dancing Astronaut talked the production of Love & Retrograde with Autograf in the time leading up to the EP’s release. Read the interview here.

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