Sébastien Léger kicks off new label Lost Miracle with thrilling EPSébastien Léger Presspic1 1

Sébastien Léger kicks off new label Lost Miracle with thrilling EP

2019 has been monumental for Sébastien Léger and his adoring fans. The progressive and deep maestro stopped by Guy J’s Lost&Found for a shimmering Lannarka EP in February, which soon found its way to the top of Beatport’s Overall chart. Lannarka could have easily been considered his top release of the year, he’s got an arguable contender in Skadi.

Skadi serves as a powerful introduction to Lost Miracle, Léger’s brand new imprint that adopts the name of his debut LP and recently launched podcast series. The fledgling label is certainly one to watch, given the Frenchman’s keen ear for production and curation. Skadi opens with a spry, cheerful air about it, taking listeners on down a path of vibrant synth arpeggios and fluttering harmonies that lead to smiles on the dancefloor. “Skadi” is a pleasant starter, easing listeners into the intensity that awaits.

“Forbidden Garden” turns toward a sensual direction, seducing the ears with a mystical cello topline that flirts with the woodwinds and tribal percussion surrounding it. It clocks in at 10 minutes, but is ultimately captivating and complex enough to keep its targets hooked through its entirety. This to us is the standout track of the EP, and its a proven club weapon. Tim Green’s spin on the B-side is deeper and a tad more whimsical, belonging inside a sunrise set.

Order a copy of ‘Skadi’ here and follow Lost Miracle

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