Farewell, iTunes: Apple prepares to retire iconic media playerApple Music Interface

Farewell, iTunes: Apple prepares to retire iconic media player

It’s the end of an era for Apple, as the tech giant prepares to formally retire the media player that put them on the musical map: iTunes. Apple will replace iTunes with separate applications for music, television, and podcast apps, in contrast to iTunes’ all-inclusive structuring, which consolidated music, television, and podcasts under the iTunes umbrella. Apple’s Chief Executive Officer, Tim Cook, will deliver a keynote presentation at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California in June, during which Cook and fellow Apple innovators will expound upon Apple’s plans for a future that does not include iTunes.

Apple previously announced its intent to halt iTunes-supported music downloads in April 2018. The decision to stop the iTunes-related music downloads arrived in the midst of Apple’s efforts to expand its own streaming service, Apple Music, to arise as a formidable competitor in the modern music streaming market. Apple staff members and iTunes users alike then speculated that the company’s retirement of iTunes-assisted music downloads would prelude the official and final termination of iTunes altogether.

Apple product owners will still be able to purchase and sync music from their devices following iTunes’ demise. Listeners will find these functionalities in the Music app. Apple will meanwhile continue to develop its respective music, television, and podcast offerings, while simultaneously seeking to improve and increase its Books, Message, and Mail applications.

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