Jeffrey Sutorius makes amends with former Dash Berlin counterparts, assumes solo control of the project

Former Dash Berlin frontman Jeffrey Sutorius has retaken control of the project—this time for good. The veteran dance collective, a joint effort between Sutorius, Eelke Kalberg, and Sebastiaan Molijn, experienced a tumultuous riff in 2018 that saw Sutorius expelled from the group he was the face of for more than a decade. Legal squabbling forced Sutorius to essentially restart his career without any Dash Berlin equity, launching a new solo single “Bad Days” in February of this year.

Now, in a new statement from Dash Berlin, all three members claim to have buried the hatchet, though the reconciliation comes at a price—Kalberg and Molijn will depart the project and leave Sutorius to helm Dash Berlin as a solo endeavor.

The departing two producers will go on to pursue other opportunities in the music industry while former frontman Sutorius resumes his position as the face of Dash Berlin. Read the group’s full statement below.

Dear friends, fans, promoters & press,

We are happy to announce that after a pretty challenging time for all of us, we succeeded in overcoming our differences and misunderstandings. At the end of the day, good communication is everything. After a sensational rollercoaster journey of more than 10 years with many highlights, we all have come to the conclusion that the chemistry between us is gone and that it is time for a change.

We all now look forward to a new chapter. Jeffrey Sutorius will set forth the legacy of Dash Berlin within his own vision. Founding members and music producers Sebastiaan Molijn and Eelke Kalberg together with Vanderkleij Agency have decided to end their part in the Dash Berlin project to focus on exciting new musical projects.
We all wish each other nothing but good vibes and success.
We thank everybody for the ongoing support.