The Chemical Brothers rework latest single in ‘Eve of Dubstruction’Chemicalbrothers

The Chemical Brothers rework latest single in ‘Eve of Dubstruction’

If the saying is true and it is, in fact lonely at the top, it’s a good thing that The Chemical Brothers have each other, as the English electronic duo has sat atop Mt. Dance Music now for over two decades.

Falling on the 20th anniversary of the group’s pioneering album Surrender, The Chemical Brothers’ newest release, not only commemorate an iconic career in dance music but gazes into the future as the group preps for a headlining set at this year’s Glastonbury.

“Eve of Dubstruction” is a dark and techy reimagining of No Geography’s opening track, the perpetually groovy “Eve of Destruction.” True to its name, the reworking has all of the tools to level even the sweatiest of dancefloors. The original version’s menacing bassline still carries the track, but a room-filling clap, head-swaying synth melodies, and staggering builds, each unseen in the original release, all help put the twist at the end of the punch in “Eve of Dubstruction.”

The band returns to North America at the beginning of August to play shows in New York and Montreal before returning to their international tour. Tickets and dates can be found here.

Photo credit: Hamish Brown

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