Walker & Royce – Bodies Do The TalkingWalker Royce 1

Walker & Royce – Bodies Do The Talking

In 2017, Self Help became one of DIRTYBIRD‘s top LP releases while also establishing Walker & Royce as high caliber house talents with crossover appeal. It was a truly seminal output for the duo, who went on to tour internationally and further increase their global presence. They’ve officially returned to their Self Help home for their first solo release there in nearly two years—and what a grand homecoming it is.

Bodies Do The Talking is a heady two-tracker. In fact, both of its offerings pack in so much power that one could argue the EP is a double A-side. It starts off deceptively, with smoothed, lo-fi textures in its title track leading listeners to believe they’re in for a mellow ride. Suddenly, however, these pleasant textures give way to absolute destruction, as cunning synth progressions explode over powerful percussion. “Uh-Oh” is the groovier of the two, causing a strong impact on its own via creeping vocals and tense, buzzy hardware buildups that give way to a wild climax. This EP seems to have been made with big crowds in mind, and is certainly effective in its pulverizing mission based off reactions thus far.

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