Ja Rule secures legal victory in ongoing Fyre falloutJa Rule

Ja Rule secures legal victory in ongoing Fyre fallout

In the seemingly never ending fallout from the Fyre Festival disaster, Ja Rule has reportedly walked away with somewhat of a legal victory.

In a court ruling from Judge Kevin Castel, both Ja Rule and Fyre’s chief marketing officer Grant Margolin are decidedly not being held liable for promoting the doomed festival. The ruling concluded that both men, while culprits of helping to convince thousands to attend Fyre Fest, may not have been aware of essential details that would eventually lead to the festival’s demise.

Ja Rule’s attorney, Ryan Smith, asserted that Ja is, “thankful for today’s ruling and for the court’s time and attention … Justice was done today.” While Ja Rule and Margolin are free from conviction, festival mastermind Billy McFarland is still in federal prison as the lawsuit against him and Fyre Media marches on.

Amidst the ongoing backlash from the event’s highly publicized failure, however, Ja Rule couldn’t hold back from engaging in more festival promotion. He and fellow Fyre affiliate Andy King have plans to give life to a Fyre 2.0, which prompts equal parts suspicion and intrigue from the music community. While Ja Rule may have secured a legal victory in court, the Fyre saga has ultimately cost him what little credibility he may have had left.

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