Lee Burridge & Lost Desert speak with each other on their new album, surviving the elements, and more [Interview]Lee Burridge Lost Desert Press Shot Couresy Lees Team

Lee Burridge & Lost Desert speak with each other on their new album, surviving the elements, and more [Interview]

Lee Burridge, a man with a dance music legacy pushing four decades, has already achieved a vast amount of milestones that span from cultivating the early scene in Hong Kong, to owning a record label and one of the most successful party brands in the world in All Day I Dream. With such a historic career to date, it might be hard to miss that the figurehead had never ventured into album territory. Lee’s been outspoken about his preference toward DJing over the years; however, in Lost Desert, the legend found a producer riding the same musical wavelength as he. With his studio pro collaborator serving as a conduit of expression, the two wrote out their first-ever album: Melt.

Melt is an album as whimsical and sentimental as its writers’ personalities. It was inspired by love and connection they feel with their friends, loved ones, and the world around them, and captures the blissful energy felt at each All Day I Dream party. Ambient and deep house flow effortlessly into one another, using calming basslines, lush percussion, sweeping string elements, and stripped-down synths to evoke feelings of peace and euphoria. Each piece stands completely on its own, yet simultaneously fits into the album’s overarching theme and atmosphere as a whole. Listeners are left with a smile on their faces by the end of the journey; much like they are when Lee and Lost Desert take the decks. Melt thus makes for a perfect dancefloor addition as well as a mellowed listening companion for lazier days.

While both Lee Burridge and Lost Desert are quite open themselves in person, we were curious about what lies beneath. So, we tasked these house stalwarts to have a brief, but cheekily candid chat with each other about the album, their culinary choices, All Day I Dream memories, and more. Order Melt here in the meantime.

Lost Desert to Lee Burridge:

What was the first 12 inch record you purchased?

“Chaka Kahn. “I Feel For You.” I played it relentlessly until my mum told me to stop playing it and said why is it such a long record.”

Would you rather explore the depth of the ocean or deep space?

“Deep space for sure.”

Hamburger or cheese burger?

“Actually, vegeburger.”

Best advice for DJs in five words or less?

“Wear insoles in your shoes.”

In interviews, what is the ideal amount of questions?

“Four. Question 5 is usually too difficult to answer.”

Lee Burridge to Lost Desert:

If you were able to have created the sound track to any movie what would it have been?

“I’m not a big movie watcher at all, but would have loved to have written the theme song of the original series of The Bridge.”

What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?

“Chocolate chocolate chip.”

If you were lost in a desert name three things that you would love to find in your pocket?

“Satellite phone, water, umbrella, Yes, it’s a big pocket.”

Which track on the album is your favourite?

“Seven Magic Mountains”

What’s your all-time favourite All Day I Dream moment (so far)?

Oakland 2017. An epic sunset. People on the shore applauding (good work nature). The view is amazing then the party was simply “wow!”

Featured image courtesy of Lee Burridge’s team

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