Marten Hørger wreaks electro havoc with ‘GONNA BE ME’HorgerGonnaBeMe

Marten Hørger wreaks electro havoc with ‘GONNA BE ME’

Electro upstart Marten Hørger returns to Tchami’s CONFESSION label with GONNA BE ME, a swanky two-track house excursion that’s refreshingly content with swapping the uplifting overtones so often associated with the genre for a few extra layers of grinding, German engineered bass.

The EP’s A-side puts Hørger’s production prowess on full display, with basslines that simultaneously sputter and swell on top of one another. A properly chosen and tuned sample doesn’t just give the club-thumping track its own identity, but acts as the cherry on top of two truly decadent electro drops.

Fellow German producer Karol Tip is featured on a B-side whose looming melodies, swagger doused grooves, and accompanying police sirens all scream “COME AT ME!” in a way that only late-night club-goers could love. With a title like “WILD”, however, those at home should have a decent idea of what they’re signing up for before hitting play.

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