You can now buy the infamous private island from Fyre FestivalCulture FyreFestival3

You can now buy the infamous private island from Fyre Festival

The Fyre Festival Fiasco™ is really just the gift that keeps on giving, with everyone still seemingly infatuated by the moment influencer culture nearly imploded into life-threatening and pocket cleaning chaos back in 2017. Though, while the story is largely remembered as a historic shitshow, some good has come out of the Fyre disaster. The episode has sparked various fundraising efforts, with the federal government even auctioning off Fyre memorabilia in an attempt to repay scam victims. Now, one more piece of Fyre Festival memorabilia is up for grabs—the private island itself, and it’ll only set you back a cool $11.8 million.

The island, called Saddleback Cay, was famously touted by the scam’s chief architect Billy McFarland as having been previously owned by drug lord Pablo Escobar. It is one of 365 islands that make up the Bahamas’ Exumas, spanning 35 acres with seven pristine beaches.

You can now buy the infamous private island from Fyre FestivalFyre Fest Island Sale

The nearly $12 million property is the island featured in the now-infamous promo visual for what turned out to be such a memorably colossal failure, though it is not the final site of the festival itself—that was Great Exuma.
Saddleback Cay also is not the actual island famous for being part of Pablo Escobar’s smuggling route—that was another island nearby, Norman’s Cay. Though despite that being the case, the picture-esque Caribbean getaway still seemingly lives up to its lofty asking price.

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