Deathpact debuts first live appearance at Shambhala [Stream]Deathpact Press Pic 19 Horizontal

Deathpact debuts first live appearance at Shambhala [Stream]

Since its inception, the Deathpact project has been shrouded in mystery, though there still hasn’t been any real indication as to the enigmatic sound designer’s identity. It’s been made clear that the masked mystery is a known, established producer in the industry, invoking a Bane-esque “no one cared who I was until I put on the mask” brand of anonymity. All this secrecy drew a large crowd at the artist’s debut live appearance at this year’s Shambhala, where the possible human donned an LED covering over the face, resembling the ever-changing ellipsoid used in all the project’s cover art. 

So fans around the world could enjoy the project’s live debut, Deathpact released the recorded set on Soundcloud for continued listening pleasure. The hour-long performance jostles the senses with a type of synth play previously unheard of. It’s a must-listen for anyone who finds themselves leaning bass house. 

Deathpact has collaborated with REZZ and 1788-L, guiding their sounds towards bass house with a heavy, glitched-out spin. Whoever is behind the Deathpact curtain, their identity is still unknown.

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