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Premiere: Namito Feat. Manaa – Covert Affection

In 2018, Namito practiced the art of Letting Go with his groundbreaking debut album—a 14-piece multimedia epic that traced his path as an Iranian refugee adjusting to his new home of Germany. Now, it’s time to dive deeper into his past with his sophomore LP offering. He lands on Balance for this tale, which deals with his coming of age in Iran, and we’ve been given a first glimpse into what to expect via “Covert Affection.”

The track, which features violin playing from Manaa, is a cerebral listen. It takes listeners deep into a melodic house soundscape, with progressions and instrumentation from his homeland abound. Manaa’s solo work adds a haunting touch to the track, while analog synths simulate the nostalgia of Namito’s younger days. The piece is a powerful look into what’s set to be another emotive and cohesive offering from the Berlin-based musician. Order a copy here.

Photo credit: Neda Rajabi

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