Apple features Madeon’s ‘Dream Dream Dream’ in reveal of new iPhonesMadeon Photo Cred Diego Andrade

Apple features Madeon’s ‘Dream Dream Dream’ in reveal of new iPhones

The Sept. 10 Apple Event brought with it the arrival of a new set of iPhones: the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone Pro Max. The latter two models are the first of their kind, sporting three cameras and improved photography capabilities.

These new models feature a new component that Apple’s cheekily calling “slofies.” These slow-mo selfie videos made their debut to the soundtrack of Madeon’s “Dream Dream Dream,” and the resulting video is a humorous one, showing the use of slow motion via the new phone’s front-facing camera. Though some might find it entertaining, early reactions to the “slowfie” haven’t been overwhelmingly positive. If nothing else, though, dance music fans can appreciate Apple’s good taste in accompanying music.

The new iPhones are available to pre-order on Sept. 13. iOS 13 follows on Sept. 19.

Photo credit: Diego Andrade

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