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Ducky releases melodic, techno-clad ‘Glue’

Ducky has recently pulled the veil back on her latest experimental endeavor, “Glue.” The deliciously odd offering adds further weight to the producer’s vastly differing stylistic proclivity, which includes everything from hardcore to melodic, warehouse-friendly compositions—often with ample genre-bleeding behind her.

“Glue” is a bright and dynamic piece with a rave-y melodic intro that dives into a celestial anime buildup, giving way to a fervent, sped-up techno drop amid a rapid-fire synth line. After her heavier bass-filled “A Place To Rest” with Deadbeats, “Glue” takes an energetic turn towards the rave realm.

“Glue is a lightly tortured love song,” Ducky writes in a recent press release on the track’s origins. “It’s about falling for someone when you still have intimacy issues and trying to pry yourself open for them. It’s sweetness and tension at the same time, because that’s what intimacy is when you’re damaged. It’s joy, and it’s healing, and it’s uncomfortable, and it hurts – all in the same breath.

Photo Credit: Ducky

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