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Environmental group, Clean Up Britain, proposes ‘tent tax’ to offset festival pollution

Music festivals, while treasured experiences to many, are unfortunately the source of incredible amounts of pollution. This rings especially true for camping festivals, where multitudes of tents along with other garbage are left strewn across the campgrounds. To help curb this, British activist group Clean Up Britain is calling for a new “tent tax” to be added onto future tickets for events of this class.

The tax would serve as more of a deposit for fans to encourage them to pack up their tents rather than leave them behind. Many are often perfectly fit for reuse, after all. Festival-goers would pay £25 on top of their ticket costs, which they can get back after having proved they brought their tents out with them. John Reed, a Clean Up Britain founder, expanded on this notion, expressing his wishes for people “to be more socially responsible and to be more conscious of the environments and the effects of litter and fly tipping.” If £25 isn’t enough incentive, he’d be keen on a higher amount.

Funds kept from lost deposits would then be used to create a cleanup and distribution network, where leftover tents would be sent to the homeless, community groups, and wherever else would be able to use them. A concrete strategy has yet to be drawn out in order to implement this idea.

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