Getter gives away unreleased remix of Justin Bieber’s ‘Let Me Love You’Getter

Getter gives away unreleased remix of Justin Bieber’s ‘Let Me Love You’

Getter has delivered his “Let Me Love You” remix unannounced to the overwhelmingly positive reaction of fans. Last year, he graced the internet with a one-time listen to the previously unreleased rendition of Justin Bieber’s hit song via Instagram live. Since then, a good deal of those catching the event didn’t think the remix would see the light of day again—but that’s all changed now with the appearance of “Let Me Love You” (Getter Remix) on SoundCloud.

Despite recent struggles against reactions toward his debut album Visceral and changing sound as well as his subsequent cancellation of his tour, Getter has rebounded through unplugging off social media, taking care of his mental health, and dedicating his endeavors to making music for himself. The dubstep producer currently has new projects in the works for his hip-hop leaning alter-ego Terror Reid.

Getter’s “Let Me Love You” remix paints the original track into a lush, future-bass landscape containing buzzing synths, climatic drops, and trilling hi-hats. Using a complexity of vocal chops and intense reverb to aid him in building a trap-heavy beat, Getter’s resulting production is dreamy and intoxicating. A second drop with sliding pitches from plucked strings showcases an exotic tinge. Listen to the remix below.

Photo Credit: Jared Stossel

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