Premiere: Uppermost invites listeners on a contemplative journey in ‘Inner Peace’Uppermost Press Pic

Premiere: Uppermost invites listeners on a contemplative journey in ‘Inner Peace’

Since the beginning of 2019, French artist Uppermost has been showcasing his production talents via a slew of releases on his own label, Uppwind Records. His moody, contemplative brand of electronic music is simultaneously accessible and deep, encouraging listeners to tap into emotions that are undiscovered or long tucked away.

Most recently, Uppermost’s name popped up on a dreamy remix of The Midnight‘s 2017 tune, “Shadows.” The otherworldly take on one of the duo’s biggest songs was prefaced by something entirely different: a re-imagination of his 2013 original, “True.” Demonstrating his versatility and production flexibility between these releases—and, frankly, all of his songs—Uppermost has delivered “Inner Peace.”

“Inner Peace” is a dramatic creation, composed of orchestral elements and dark, brooding beats melted together. When standing alone, these components don’t necessarily seem like they’d be cohesive, but with Uppermost’s production, the combination materializes effortlessly and flows seamlessly.

“For a long time I thought that the most interesting moments in life are those where big changes happen, so I was always looking for them instead of focusing on the present moment,” Uppermost told DA. “Over the years, music has helped me understand that happiness lives in the process. I made ‘Inner Peace’ as a tribute to this silent, underlying, crucial slow walk that shapes everything else.”

“Inner Peace” is out Sept. 20 via Uppermost’s own Uppwind Records.

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