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Carnage & Timmy Trumpet’s release ‘Nah Nah’

Want to stir up some trouble? Just put on Carnage and Timmy Trumpet’s ‘Nah Nah’ and see what transpires. Make no mistake, the only place this one is appropriate is at a festival, but then again, who the hell wants to be appropriate? Papi Gordo and Australia’s Timmy Trumpet do what they do best. Go big. Go hard. Assault the senses. An absolute barrage of hardstyle kicks, trap breaks, blaring Dutch synths, ‘Nah Nah’ is a hulk of a festival anthem. It’s visceral and amphetamine-laced. A track so hyperactive that it’s more like a monster let out of its cage.

The album art? That’s your face after you listen for the first time.