Hugo – ArhatUnnamed

Hugo – Arhat

There’s something bubbling out East.

China’s electronic music scene is growing. And fast. It’s not all just EDM and big cheesy drops either, there’s a healthy and burgeoning techno scene growing out of Shanghai that’s as counterculture in China as it gets. Hugo is one of the first producers to make waves. A member of the Shanghai-based artist collective of producers, Monti Ark, he and his crew have been disrupting the Chinese nightlife scene with sounds and styles far outside the norm. “Arhat” is the first single from China’s first techno collective, a stark contrast from the usual music and EDM / hip hop lifestyle that dominates the urban centers in China.

Capturing the counterculture that birthed the idea of Monti Ark, “Arhat” has no frills, just hard driving kinetic energy. A feeling of momentum that can’t be stopped.

In a culturally oppressive country that censors all previously unapproved entertainment, Hugo is one of a few daring to introduce a freer form of expression into the national, and global, equation.