Deadmau5 releases heavily anticipated remix album, ‘here’s the drop!’Deadmau5 2019 1

Deadmau5 releases heavily anticipated remix album, ‘here’s the drop!’

Deadmau5 has released the follow-up to his full-length album where’s the drop? in the form of remix album here’s the drop!

Where’s the drop? is an album of re-imagined orchestral arrangements from the Canadian producer’s previous work, and it is a collaboration with musical director Gregory Reveret. Each of the 15 original releases from the compilation get a remix from an artist deadmau5 enlisted to work on the track for here’s the drop!

Highlights of the remixes include Morgan Page‘s rendition of “Imaginary Friends,” which sees Page add in a bass layer and minimalist vocals to give the track a dance-worthy edge, while still maintaining the orchestral elements of the release. Page’s remix is one of the most upbeat of the compilation, with deadmau5 choosing a collection of artists who are known for subtler—and at times, darker—tunes.

Seismal D’s take on “avaritia” is transformative with a bumping house backdrop that enlists moments of a resounding electro note to heighten the energy. Piano is core to the track’s fabric, but the electronic elements of the release shine through in Seismal D’s spin on the original.

Spencer Brown‘s take on “fn pig” adds an element of mysticism to the release. Brown takes ethereal and building notes that contrast with a slow pulsing introduction while maintaining the original’s orchestral crescendo. This gives his remake a variety of unique stylistic elements that blend into a multi-faceted whole.

Other remixers include Matt Lange, No Mana, Rinzen, Sian, and Tinlicker among many others. Deadmau5 is currently in the midst of his Cube v3 tour. Those hoping to experience here’s the drop! live can see if he is bringing the tour to a city near them here.

Photo credit: Matt Barnes

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