MSTRKRFT release mau5trap-stamped EP, ‘Sunshine Of My Life’Ale Freeman MSTRKRFT

MSTRKRFT release mau5trap-stamped EP, ‘Sunshine Of My Life’

MSTRKRFT have released a four-track extended play, Sunshine Of My Life, through deadmau5’s mau5trap. The raw techno emerging from the Canadian duo features an electrifying kick with roaring bass underneath and vocal fodder just melodic enough to let the modular synth and percussion elements ride.

The entire project hits hard, from the punching kicks on “Oh Yea, to the piercing synth on “Ear,” to the dynamic sounds on “Let Me See You Move,” and the various sound play on “Fit N Finish.”

“Let Me See You Move” was released as a single before the project. Known for their remix of Justice’s “D.A.N.C.E.” the aggressive, electro-heavy group continues to show they are not afraid of a bit of abrasion. Sunshine Of My Life with a stamp of approval from a sound design and structure oriented maestro in deadmau5 is another notch on their worn and tattered belts.

Photo credit: Alex Freeman

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