ANNA drives down ‘Galactic Highways’ with new EPANNA Tama Club Photo Credit Twitter Djannamiranda

ANNA drives down ‘Galactic Highways’ with new EP

From a young DJ in Rio de Janiero to a producer at the forefront of the global techno scene, ANNA’s rise has been well deserved. She’s proven to be an illustrious and prolific producer, highlighted by her widely acclaimed track “Hidden Beauties.” Following up on her collaboration with Kittin on “Forever Ravers,” her latest work brings her back to omnipresent label Drumcode—this time, for a full EP.

Galactic Highways is loaded with tight synth riffs underscored by pulsing drums throughout. “Phase Two” features a flurry of plucks that create a vast soundscape, while the title track cuts and swells towards a sharp climax. The EP comes in short with only three tracks, but its top-to-bottom quality is a strong sign that ANNA won’t be slowing down any time soon.

Photo credit: Twitter/djannamiranda

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