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Armin van Buuren announces concept-driven live experience, ‘This Is Me’

From the release of his very first single to his seventh studio album, Armin van Buuren will cast a comprehensive glance backwards in time in “This Is Me.” The live experience is a concept-driven celebration of the multifaceted electronic maven’s musical journey to-date.

The singular, all-encompassing event will coalesce van Buuren’s radio friendly releases with niche trance tracks bearing the A State Of Trance stamp. It will also feature productions from van Buuren’s ‘Armin Only’ aesthetic, “born out of [his] desire to play longer sets and to control the overall mood and atmosphere of the night.”

At this point, it’s time to tell you my whole story. All of it: all of those different things that made me learn and grow as a person. This is what I want to create, and there’s no one I’d rather share my story with than all of you. I’m Armin van Buuren, and ‘This Is Me!’

-Armin van Buuren

This rare cohesion of the different sounds that have contributed to van Buuren’s dynamic sound over the years will span two evenings. The revered artist will host both ‘This Is Me’ installments at Amsterdam’s iconic Ziggo Dome from May 21-22, 2020. Tickets to the affair will be available for purchase at 12:00 CET on November 23, here.

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Photo credit: Bart Heemskerk

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