Dancing Astronaut’s Holiday Gift Tip No. 1: Techno perfumeTresor Club Credit Squaric On Twitter

Dancing Astronaut’s Holiday Gift Tip No. 1: Techno perfume

It’s one thing to eat, sleep, and breathe techno, but how about smelling like it? Luckily, gift-givers and fans of the genre alike can test that question for themselves this holiday season, as a new fragrance made to emulate the scent of Berlin’s infamous club, Tresor, is now on sale.

Tresor is currently one of Berlin’s most prominent techno venues, but Holynose, the designers of the scent, found more inspiration than the spilled drinks and cocktails of sweat and cheap cologne that permeate dancefloors today. Particularly, they sought to recreate the smell of the bank vault that housed Tresor’s dancefloor up until 2005, when the original location was forced to shut down.

Accordingly, the fragrance will come as a gift to those who purchase the first 300 copies of a new Russian translation of the German book, ‘Der Klang Der Familie.’ Translated to “the music of the family,” the book garnered attention for how it culturally framed the city’s vibrant club scene following before and after the fall of The Berlin Wall in 1989.

An English translation of ‘Der Klang Der Familie’ was released five years ago, and pre-orders for the latest translation are available now.

Photo credit: Twitter/Squaric_

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