Facebook wants to pass the ‘Aux’ with new music appScreen Shot 2017 11 29 At 9.54.54 PM

Facebook wants to pass the ‘Aux’ with new music app

Facebook has launched its newest venture, an app called Aux that aims to engage users to play and compete for the “aux.” The tech giant has long strategized to become a formidable player in the digital innovation realm, acquiring social media Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, and more. Aux follows Facebook’s interesting foray into online dating with its September debut of Facebook Dating. With Facebook Music’s indefinite launch, the new app potentially previews some of the features that the anticipated music service holds.

The first creation of Facebook’s new experimental NPE team, Aux aims to engage users to add songs to the app and compete for the most “claps” in order to have their selected tracks played first. Users join a party daily at 9 p.m., queuing songs and up-voting Reddit-style with “claps.” The user with the most claps received by the end of the night wins.

Aux’s target audience consists of school-aged kids and teens. Described as a “DJ for your school,” the app is currently in beta and only available in Canada.

Facebook wants to pass the ‘Aux’ with new music appAu Stitched

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