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Eric Prydz brings Cirez D to EPIC Radio

Whether you see Eric Prydz as the “Call On Me” guy, an incredibly affluent producer with a rabbit hole of unreleased material, or somewhere in between, get ready for a real treat in a recent episode of EPIC Radio on  Beats 1 as the English trailblazer takes the rare opportunity to spin as Cirez D.

For the uninitiated, Cirez D is the darker, techno-forward alias of Eric Prydz that been the beating heart of Mouseville Records since 2002. The set, which was recorded at Seismic on Nov. 11, shows glimpses of Prydz’s signature melodies as well a true finesse across the entire sound spectrum, making it clear who’s piloting the ship. However, the menacing segues and ravaging percussive rhythms paint a picture of a completely different vessel, one the focuses less on hands in the air moments, and instead keeps the pedal to the metal. Nonetheless, the destination remains: timeless productions and pristine transitions from an artist who truly earned his stake.

The first half of the set takes listeners on an audible history of Cirez D productions before veering off into a DJ’s choice of IDs, old favorites and more recent Mouseville sounds from Yotto and Charles D. This is the first Cirez D set that has been publicly released in the last six years, but fans can hear Prydz spin every other Friday on Beats 1.


01. Cirez D – Horizons
02. Cirez D – Re-Match
03. Cirez D – Punch Drunk
04. Cirez D – Tigerstyle
05. Cirez D – Mouseville Theme
06. Cirez D – Bauerpost
w/ Cirez D – Glow (In The Dark Dub)
07. Cirez D – Filler [Edelfettwerk ID]
08. Cirez D – In The Reds
09. Cirez D – Thunderstuck
10. Cirez D – Drums In The Deep
11. Cirez D – Overdrive
12. Cirez D – I Can’t Take It
13. Cirez D – Glow (In The Dark Dub)
14. Cirez D – On Off
15. Markantonio – Cento (Kaiserdisco Remix)
16. Cirez D – Ruby
17. Dusty Kid – Kollera
18. Cirez D – EDC 2014 ID [Working Title]
19. John Grant – Pale Green Ghosts (Cirez D Private Revolution Remix)
20. Dean Grenier – Hurrikan
21. Yotto – Nova
22. Cirez D – Tech One [Ushuaia ID]
23. Charles D – Amplify
24. Push – Universal Nation (Bart Skils Remix)
25. Chymera – Dreamrunner

Photo credit: Off Brand Project

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