The wait for Madeon’s sophomore album was all in ‘Good Faith’ [Stream]Madeon

The wait for Madeon’s sophomore album was all in ‘Good Faith’ [Stream]

Madeon‘s come a long way since his explosive acclimation into electronic earshot by way of his viral and now revered “Pop Culture” mashup. The unequivocal product of a vast palette of pop, Madeon’s music has become a wholesome, unflinchingly fun fixture in the electronic space. Across his extensive production tenure, he’s released an album to mass acclaim, gleaned production credits for Lady Gaga, Ellie Goulding, and a sundry of artists of a similar caliber, collaborated with and toured alongside Porter Robinson, and recently launched a whole new live setup.

Today, in a long-awaited edition of New Music Friday, Madeon’s delivered on his promise of Good Faith, a laudable sophomore LP effort. Fans got a triple-tiered tasting of the album in the months leading up to release day. Indeed, “All My Friends,” “Dream Dream Dream,” which Apple secured for the launch of its new iPhone campaign, and “Be Fine” served as buzz-bringing harbingers of Good Faith‘s dance-pop charisma.

In a recent interview, Madeon told Dancing Astronaut he acquainted himself with a colorful culmination of inspiration while crafting the new album. He cites Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and Tyler, the Creator as influential listens during the Good Faith production period. The LP, out now through Sony’s Columbia Records, spans nine original tracks.

The French electro-pop icon is currently touring North America.

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